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*Timeless Creations* in Second Life

~ Snow! ~

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*Portable Snowfall*

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prims: 1

See this listing in: Google Base SL Exchange

The "snow sphere" snowfall creator may be placed anywhere you can build in SL, to create a gentle snowfall in a certain spot. It is copiable, so you can have as much snow as you like, covering as much area as you wish.

Alternatively, you can "wear" the sphere in order to take snow with you wherever you go in SL!

Once the sphere is in place, touch it and it will turn invisible and begin creating snow. (To illuminate it in order to move it or touch it again (to turn it off), press CTRL ALT T. This will color all objects with transparency red. Press CTRL ALT T again to turn off the illumination.)

Snow will begin falling several meters above the original sphere. Touch the store model for a notecard for more information.
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