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*Timeless Creations*

~ Products ~

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Angel Wings and Halo
Glowing Angel Wings and Halo --with on/off scripts
Touch-light fire
Larger Image
-- touch to light or extinguish the fire
Single-prim framed image
Larger Image
1 prim Framed Image --modifiable!
White Picket Fence
Larger Image
White Picket Fence --modifiable
Customizable Clock
Larger Image
Customizable Clocks
Keep track of the timezones of all your SL friends!
Portable Snowfall
Larger Image
Portable Snowfall --copiable
Take snow with you wherever you go in SL!
Tiny Empires Riddles Calculator
More info
TE Riddle Solver --copiable
Earn some easy gold in TE!
Touch-light candle
Larger Image
Candle -- touch to light or extinguish the flame

Other Products:

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