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*Timeless Creations* in Second Life

~ TE Riddle Solver ~

Version 3.1 was released July 31, 2008!
Version 3.1 solves the newest riddles added July 2008

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*Tiny Empires Riddle Solver*

copy/no transfer
attaches to HUD: top right (though appears mid-low right, and can be moved)

See this listing in: SL Exchange

Earn some easy gold in Tiny Empires!

Click on the title bar, select a riddle type, input the values Tiny Empires gives you, and the answer appears in blue. Simple and quick!

The emperor recently added new riddles--again!
The upgrade was released July 31, and solves riddles such as Bethany Frankle, Margaret Vespers, and Aristotle Landry. The upgrade is free for anyone who purchases the Riddle Solver.

As of version 3.1, you can also minimize the HUD, so it is not in your way, but is ready when you need it!

Request to join the group Tiny Empires - Riddles! to receive the upgrade, and future upgrades, by IM-ing Eternally Timeless. You must contact me to join this group--once you have bought the solver.

*Note--if you are new to the game or want to start it, IM Eternally Timeless and I can get you a copy of the trial version (free!) and find you a liege if you like. :)

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